Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Book Trailers

I'm excited to share book trailers for two of my books, Pearls of Pleasure and Cupid's Mistake! Recently, fellow author Amanda Brice mentioned that Victorine Lieske was making pre-made book trailers for a reasonable price for anyone who was interested.

I have long wanted to create book trailers for my stories but lacked the technical know-how myself, and having custom ones made is prohibitively  expensive at this point. They're a fun little extra to have and another way to introduce people to books they might like to read. Check out my trailers and see what you think!

Thanks again to Amanda for the recommendation, and to Victorine for doing such a fabulous job!

Pearls of Pleasure

Cupid's Mistake

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finding Your Tribe

Coming Soon!
Writing is a solitary activity. We've all heard that, and I think most writers would agree. It's hard to write in a noisy or a collaborative environment. People do it—writers are also parents, children, siblings, roommates. If a writer lives with another person, chances are that other person makes some noise once in a while. Writers write in coffee shops, train stations, at their day jobs, wherever they can. Writers who are well-matched may collaborate on a piece of work, whether a novel or a memoir or nonfiction. Authors work on anthologies together, where a common theme binds the individual pieces, but each author writes his or her own story to contribute to the whole.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Authors and Their Cats

The boys, soon after adoption
Authors and their cats—it's almost a cliché, isn't it? And I fit right in. I'm an author and mommy to three cats who own my heart and drive me crazy at the same time. In my house, we all know we live here by the grace of the three little kings, and they make sure to remind us of that fact on a regular basis.