Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

It's Easter Sunday! I hope you're enjoying a lovely day with your loved ones. Have an extra chocolate egg for me, and an extra hippety hoppety Happy Easter.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Post ComiCon 2014

Emerald City ComiCon is over for another year. My son is already planning for next year, but in the interim, we're still enjoying the memories from this year's con.
We started off by traveling to the hotel Thursday night so we'd be there for the bright and early Friday morning panels. Well, bright and early for me, and for getting all five of us ready and out the door. I think the first panel started at 11 AM.
We complicated the whole endeavor a bit by deciding to park at the airport on a coupon deal, instead of the hotel, to save money. So the hubby dropped us off at our hotel, which was right next to the convention center, then took our oldest with him to park the car, take the shuttle, another shuttle, the train, then walk to the hotel, while the rest of us checked in and got settled. It took them nearly two hours to do all of that, and another two on Sunday when it was time to go home, but it saved us nearly $110 just in PARKING FEES (seriously, how do they sleep??? $45 a NIGHT? Plus taxes???), so it was totally worth it. We never need our car during the con weekend anyway, and will definitely repeat that maneuver next time!