Friday, August 15, 2014

Cover Reveal For Snow Angel, Coming Fall 2014!

It's cover reveal and blurb time! Introducing SNOW ANGEL, releasing this fall!

Fall in love with the Honeywell/Carlisle clan and their friends in Snow Angel, book one in the High-Desert Hearts series of sweetly sexy New-Adult Contemporary Romances from Chantilly White! Set in California’s hot-hot-hot high desert, where the landscape is stark and the passion is sizzling…

“If you are looking for a great story that sizzles and truly likable characters, read Chantilly White.” –Lucy Monroe, USA Today bestselling author

Jacob is flipping out ~
His heart, mind, and body have all gone emotionally, lustfully, entirely haywire for the one woman who is totally off-limits to him—his best friend since birth, Melinda.

Melinda is flipping confused ~
She thought she loved Mitch, her rat-bastard ex-boyfriend, who dumped her flat on Christmas—just a few days ago. But suddenly, her heart—and other unmentionable places—is howling for Jacob. Her best friend. Clearly, she can’t trust her feelings.

Together, they’re flipping screwed ~
They can’t—won’t—risk their friendship. But when passion shoots their emotions from sweet to scorching during a multi-family ski vacation, all of their reasons and rationalizations come crashing down.

Now they’ll have to choose—rebuild the safe, secure friendship-wall between their throbbing bodies and yearning hearts, or blow it apart and risk everything they’ve ever known… for the chance at a love like they’ve never imagined.