Thursday, February 28, 2013

Romance Author Chantilly White's New Blog & Website!

Romance Author
Chantilly White
Ta-da! Today is the day I finally get to unveil my gorgeous new website and blog, courtesy of the brilliant Rae Monet. Isn't it beautiful? I am so thrilled with the way it came out, and she was so super speedy--the only delay was in waiting for me to finish compiling the content. I highly recommend her services for anyone interested in developing or making over a website.

One of the challenges in creating my site was the fact that I write in so many different sub-genres of romance: contemporary, historical, paranormal, fantasy, romantic suspense, and sports romance, to name just a few, and my historicals span many centuries. I wanted a site that would encompass all of that without getting too crazy, but one that would also highlight my vision of my brand.

After talking it all over with Rae, we decided to focus primarily on the timeframe rather than the other elements, because trying to weave in magic wands, princess crowns, faeries, footballs and suspense elements--such as a weapon or a speeding car--would just get chaotic, and would not really pinpoint what readers could expect from my writing--emotional romance, no matter the era or the sub-genre.

I love the balance of the aged candle holder and the modern glass holder, the ancient books on the left versus the ereader on the right, and all the other elements that clearly denote a shift in time period across the header. Beyond that, the roses and colors are just beautiful. I confess, I spend a great deal of time just looking at it all and clicking from page to page!

Best of all, I think it's a site readers will enjoy coming back to, and one where they will find whatever they're looking for when it comes to my books or getting to know me through social media, signing up for the newsletter, or swinging by the blog. It's a fabulous thing when a website, which is really a business tool, can serve its purpose and also be such a pleasure to look at and to visit. So for this first blog post in my new home, I would like to send out a giant, "THANK YOU, RAE!!" for my fabulous site. You and your design team did a tremendous job. I absolutely love it!

February 28, 2013