Monday, February 17, 2014

Current Celebrity Crushes

Okay, I admit it. I have some celebrity crushes. Anyone who has visited my H-O-T Hero Inspiration Board on Pinterest knows that. What is it about these guys that makes them so appealing (beyond their obvious good looks)? It’s not like I know them in person. Some of them are probably jerks in real life, or have weird fetishes, or disgusting habits, just like other mere mortals. But splashed across the silver screen or the pages of a magazine, they are larger than life. They live glamorously and are almost always stylishly put together. They’re obviously talented actors, but they are often also accomplished in other ways, whether in sports, music or singing, writing, art, etc.
I imagine they smell pretty great, too.

In interviews, most of them come across as reasonably intelligent and well-spoken, they’re well-mannered, sometimes funny, and sometimes endearingly sweet. I love it when they talk about their pets or families (especially their mothers! I don’t know why) with affection. Many of them are active in charitable works. They seem like the living embodiment of the romance heroes I most like to read and write about.
In short, they are physical manifestations of fantasies.
Yes, I know in real life they are just like other men, albeit with stylists, wardrobes, and bank accounts that won’t quit. But as long as they exist at a distance the fantasy remains alive, and the fantasy is fun.
So who are my current celebrity crushes, you ask? Here’s a short list:

Well, clearly I could go on and on, but I need to go swipe the drool off my chin… By the way, all these drool-worthy guys, and more, can be found on my Pinterest board, linked above! You’re welcome.


  1. Love your fantasy men, Chantilly and your novels are the best. Your fan - Melissa Blanchard - see you in the blogosphere:)