Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cupid's Mistake Book Trailer Featured On USAToday's HEA Blog!

Cupid's Mistake by Chantilly White

I have such exciting news to share! The book trailer for Cupid's Mistake was featured on USAToday's HEA blog with Robin Covington as a "must-see" trailer on Thursday, May 29, 2014!!

Whoohooooo and super-squeeeee!!!

How awesome is that? I'm still dancing on the ceiling over it, and I'm sending my thanks out into the universe to Robin for her graciousness and her kindness in featuring my trailer. She made my week/month/year!

You might notice that the book covers don't quite match--the text is slightly different, as I had the trailer done with the original cover. The image is the same, obviously, but the new cover, left, shows the changes and is the current one you'll see on the virtual bookshelves. And, coming soon, the physical book shelves, too! That's right, Cupid's Mistake and my other titles will be available in print, hopefully by the end of the summer. So stay tuned!

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