Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chantilly White's Blog Updates

Just a quick little note:

The Links page has been updated and now includes the links to fellow authors (friends and chaptermates), my organizations, the publishing industry, charitable organizations I support, a few of my favorite research sites, and other fun stuff I enjoy around the web, including my favorite Harry Potter sites. If you find any dead links, please leave a comment on the home page.

I added some photos to the Interview page for a little color.

The "Photo" page is still empty, as I so far have been unable to add pictures there the way I want. I suspect I'll need the assistance of someone who knows Blogger a lot better than I do--I'm hoping for more of a photo album set up, rather than a forever-scroll of photos, top-to-bottom. Stay tuned.

Also, the hubby is back from his trip, so I should be able to post the Emerald City ComicCon write-up as soon as he uploads the photos from the weekend. I'm not allowed to touch his camera--I have a bad reputation/history with them, so this is not him being over-protective of his baby, it's me accepting my limitations, LOL.