Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I've had an up-and-down relationship with Halloween. There were years I hated it, brought on mostly by my time spent in a Christian school that was very anti-Halloween and equally vocal about it in ways that scared the heck out of me. There were years I got sick of it because my mom dressed me up as a hag several years in a row as a kid, never the princess or the hula girl I wanted to be. (And hags, as everyone knows, are nowhere near as fun or as cool as regular witches, which can be pretty as well as scary, and which I now aspire to and love, thanks to Harry Potter! No. I was a green-faced, wart-covered, cackling hag.)

When my own kids were little, we often went to Disneyland on Halloween in lieu of trick-or-treating. But once they got older, and as a family we had gotten into renaissance faires and Harry Potter, Halloween suddenly became a lot of fun again. Each of us now have quite the assortment of costumes, from our Hogwarts robes (my husband makes a fantabulous Hagrid!), to our renaissance garb, to our pirate costumes, and more. Now the trouble is deciding which awesome costume to wear every year. Since I wore my Hogwarts robes to ComiCon back in March, for this Halloween I think I'll break out either the pirate or the renaissance princess...

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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